Automotive components factory

ERT, Têxtil

Weaving quality, innovating style.

Founded in 1992, ERT started out as a small company providing textile lamination services for shoe linings, but the knowledge it gained in this technological field was the key to entering the automotive sector in 2000. While most of its turnover is in the automotive sector, largely for export, ERT also works in other sectors outside this universe, with thermoformed and laminated products for sports, leisure, fashion, footwear, home textiles and construction applications. ERT is currently a Portuguese multinational company with a presence in 8 countries, whose main business area is the manufacture of textile components for car interiors. In the automotive supply chain, ERT is a well-known supplier of raw materials, with a competitive growth strategy. To increase its competitiveness, ERT considers strategic challenges such as growing in the value chain, investing in innovation and vertical integration of processes, for product development and intensifying strategic cooperation alliances.

A factory as the epicenter of research and development, where each product is designed to meet the expectations of each client.
ERT Têxtil is a factory where tradition intertwines with the avant-garde, creating a dynamic and inspiring environment. Located in an old industrial building with an industrial history for the municipality, this factory emanates the essence of textile quality, offering a unique experience at the heart of the production of innovative fabrics. When you enter ERT, you are enveloped by an atmosphere of creativity and precision. Each carefully chosen thread is transformed by skilled hands into fabrics that tell stories of artisanal excellence and technological innovation. Explore behind the scenes of the production process, where the fusion of traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology results in fabrics that transcend expectations. The craftsmen, true masters, today highly qualified, are dedicated to creating captivating exclusive applications and technologies that reflect the unique personality of ERT Têxtil. Discover ERT, where everything becomes a sensory experience.
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