Our institutional partnerships are an alliance for success.

At the heart of our commitment to excellence are the institutional partnerships that shape and strengthen São João da Madeira Industrial Tourism.

We collaborate with renowned organizations to further enrich your visit. The City Council plays a vital role in preserving and promoting our industrial heritage. Together, we seek to preserve the authenticity of local history and foster sustainable development, ensuring that every visit contributes to the harmonious growth of the community.

We value the importance of education and culture, which is why we have established strategic partnerships with local, regional, national and international institutions. These collaborations allow us to offer engaging educational programs and cultural events that enrich the visitor experience, promoting understanding and appreciation of our industrial heritage.

São João da Madeira Industrial Tourism is proud to collaborate with innovative companies that drive the present and future of the industry. These partnerships provide visitors with a unique insight into contemporary practices and technologies, highlighting São João da Madeira's ability to remain at the forefront of industrial innovation. Join us on this unique journey!