Graphic arts factory


The secret is to mix the paint and add the soul.

Founded in 1935 by Alberto Rodrigues Bulhosa, it is an example of how the city of São João da Madeira has adapted to changing times.
Currently run by the third generation of the family, it is a graphic arts company dedicated essentially to the production of self-adhesive labels in sheet and reel form, in paper, cardboard, self-adhesive film and labels, diversifying its product range and thus reaching various types of public.
With over 85 years’ experience in the market, they know it like no one else.
This length of time in the business is mainly due to the commitment and reliable service they offer their more than 500 customers, who are, for Bulhosas, above all, partners in their professional development.

More than a print shop, an innovation laboratory.

During the visit to the Bulhosas factory, visitors learn about the company’s history in its museum room, where machines and label catalogs that have spanned generations are on display, followed by a tour of the current facilities, where it is possible to observe the operation of the machines and the consequent production of labels and tags.

Bulhosas is an example of great adaptability to the market in which it operates, being a reference in the national and international markets, producing for well-known brands.

They work in very different and varied areas, with the alcoholic beverages and food industries being their specialties. They have collaborated with the clothing and footwear industries since the company was founded, and the cosmetics and pharmaceutical areas have progressively increased their commitment to brand safety solutions. In a world where plagiarism and counterfeiting of reference brands are a reality, the Bulhosas factory has been developing innovative protection and control solutions, guaranteeing the authenticity of brands to the consumer.

Throughout the visit, these themes are explored and contextualized based on paper printing processes.

The contrast between the past and the innovative present of the printing industry in Portugal is just one of the important features of the visit to Bulhosas.

Máquina presente na Bulhosas
Pessoa durante um dos processos realizado na Bulhosas.
Materiais expostos na fábrica Bulhosas
Materiais expostos na fábrica Bulhosas
Homem em atividade laboral.
Pessoa em atividade laboral.
Impressora presente na Bulhosas com mais de 80 anos.
Pessoa em atividade laboral.
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    Fridays from 9:00 to 11:30
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  • Number of visitors per groupMin. 5 - Máx. 20
  • Minimum age15 years
  • LanguagesPortuguese, English and French
  • Duration of visit60 minutes
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  • WorkshopNo
  • Museum RoomYes
  • ShowroomYes

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