Creative Industrial Tourism


Creative Industrial Tourism in São João da Madeira is a set of Experience Routes that complement the offer of visits to the local industrial heritage and live industry. Inspired by models of collaborative participation, this tourist product provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the daily life of the locality, marked by industry, where a solid traditional industrial fabric is joined today by technological and creative industries, in a culturally and artistically friendly environment. stimulating.

The Experience Routes are organized into five segments – Industry, Creativity, Art/Heritage, Gastronomy and Environment –, capable of providing visitors with a range of activities. In these activities, sharing and building collaborative relationships between locals and visitors happen spontaneously.

BOOKINGS | Activities are subject to prior booking by filling out the visit request form.

Industrial Experiences
Where: CEI Factory
Duration: 2 to 3h
Nº of pax: max.20
Cost: on request
Um dia na Fábrica CEI

The aim of this event is to provide experiences that arouse interest in technology and industry. More than just a visit to the CEI factory, this event provides an opportunity for employees at their workstations to share with visitors.

Where: Viarco Factory
Duration: 2h
Nº of pax: max.25
Cost: €150
Das Mãos Nasce o Lápis

From an experience of visiting the factory, where the pencil-making process is explored, tourists are invited to enter a continuous experience of experimenting with various materials.

Criative Experiences
Where: Bullosas
Duration: 09:30 – 12:00
Nº of pax: min 5 - max 20 pax
Target audience: young people + 15 years old / adults
Cost: on request
Serigrafar por um dia

Image selection, scanning, photolitho pass, frame opening and various screen printing techniques. Everything you need to screen print for a day.

Location: Massapão Bakery
Duration: 1h30
Nº of pax: 10 people (Booking required)
Cost: on request
Pasteleiro Criativo

In this workshop, participants will have the experience of being a pastry chef in a real working context and will be able to transform the dough into cupcakes with the city's distinctive shapes, such as shoes, hats, rabbits or even our cogwheels. The process ends with a delicate dip in melted chocolate.

ciclo do pao
Where: Parque Rio UL
Duration: 1h30
Nº of pax.: min. 2 pax - max. 12pax
Cost: on request
Ciclo do Pão

On the first Saturday of every month, the Parque do Rio Ul invites the general public to take part in the "Bread Cycle", a workshop that includes guided tours and the production of "cornbread", using the traditional methods used in the days when S. João da Madeira was a predominantly agricultural town.

oficina papel reciclado
Where: Parque Rio UL
Duration: 1h30
Nº of pax.: min. 2 pax - max. 12pax
Cost: on request
Oficina do Papel Reciclado

Through this activity they can reuse paper that is no longer used and turn it into new sheets of recycled paper or into small souvenirs to give away. to give away. This way you protect trees and save water!

oficina hotel para insetos
Where: Parque Rio UL
Duration: 1h30
Nº of pax.: min. 2 pax - max. 12pax
Cost: on request
Oficina construção Hotel para insetos

Given the growing concern about this group of living beings, whose diversity is decreasing at an overwhelming rate, and using natural natural elements collected in the park, we invite kids and adults to build a "mini" hotel for insects to take home. insects to take home and thus, with a simple gesture, conserve biodiversity. gesture, conserve local biodiversity and promote the beneficial insects in urban areas.

flora invasora - ação de controlo2
Where: Parque Rio UL
Duration: 1h30
Nº of pax.: min. 2 pax - max. 25pax
Cost: on request
Flora Invasora – Ação de controlo

On this guided tour you will discover the origin of plants and learn how to identify the main species present in the Ul River Park. Once correctly identified, you will protect the Park with a control action and contribute to the protection of local biodiversity!