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Weaving flexible experiences where innovation meets comfort.

In 1964, António Leite de Castro founded Flexitex, which has lasted until the present day. Flexitex was a pioneering company in the manufacture of knitted and woven jacquard coverings for the bedding industry, distinguished by its demanding quality and sophisticated design.
Its commitment to technology and innovation has meant that, since 1970, Flexitex has been able to penetrate international markets, and today it is a company that exports knitwear and fabrics to more than 20 countries, seeing each country as an achievable goal.
Despite its presence on the international market, Flexitex was concerned with environmental issues from an early stage, taking special care with waste treatment. As environmental concerns grew in the minds of consumers, Flexitex accompanied this transition by introducing fabric manufacturing using innovative and technological materials.

Discover the secrets hidden in the unsuspected feel of each mattress.

Anyone who enters Flexitex is amazed by the size of the giant circular looms, capable of producing thousands of meters of mattress knitwear in the most varied colors, designs and finishes.

Whoever feels the softness, the touch and the smell of the fabric can enter the company’s history, which dates back to the last century.

Flexitex is not just a factory; it is a laboratory of ideas where research and development converge to create innovative textile solutions. From technological fabrics to eco-conscious designs. Every Flexitex product is a response to the never-ending search for quality, sustainability and style.

Walk through the halls of Flexitex, where textile production becomes a transformative experience.

Be inspired by the unique fusion of tradition and modernity, where each garment is more than a fabric – it’s a story of innovation told through texture and comfort.

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Grupo de visitantes vestidos com batas bancas durante uma visita.
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