Núcleo Histórico da Oliva

Fábrica Oliva, formally known as Oliveira, Filhos & Cª Lda, stands out as an undisputed icon in Portuguese industrial history, playing a fundamental role over a long period in the strengthening and socio-economic advancement of S. João da Madeira. Inaugurated in 1925 by António José Pinto de Oliveira, the "OLIVA" brand initially focused on foundries, metalwork and mechanical carpentry. Just four years after it was founded, it already occupied a considerable area of 2,700 square meters.

The company's reputation reached new heights, both in Portugal and abroad, with the launch in 1948 of the OLIVA sewing machine, which dominated the market for 30 years, and through a bold marketing plan that solidified OLIVA's presence on the national and international stage.

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Monday to Friday:
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Rua Oliveira Júnior, nº 591, 3700-204 S. João da Madeira

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