Igreja Matriz de S. João da Madeira

In the 11th century, there is evidence that S. João da Madeira already had its own church, as documents from 1088 attest. Unfortunately, this medieval temple, in Romanesque or Gothic style, succumbed to the misfortune of disappearing.
The current parish church of S. João da Madeira has been located in the city center since 1884, and stands out for the sobriety of its architectural lines and the magnificence and solidity of the building. This architectural work is credited to the renowned Master of Engineering, Prof. António de Araújo e Silva, from the Porto School.
Inside, the church boasts a remarkable wealth of gilded woodwork, as well as iconographic and sculptural motifs, including the pipe organ in the high choir.
It's worth noting that behind this church ran the Roman military road of Talóbriga and Lancóbriga.

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Rua da Igreja, 3700-137 São João da Madeira

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