Fur Treatment

Cortadoria Nacional de Pêlo

"The way we act and what we do today can in no way compromise the future of the planet."

Cortadoria Nacional de Pelo is a highly qualified company in the preparation of textile fibers, mainly rabbit, hare and beaver fur, for the hat, industrial felt and wool industries.

Founded in 1943, the company was born out of the Industrial Conditioning Law of 1943 and the subsequent plan to reorganize the hat industry, which led to the fur preparation sector being concentrated in a single company, based in São João da Madeira, with the participation of all the existing manufacturers at the time.

In 1960, under the leadership of António Oliveira Figueiredo, the company’s manager, the factory building was inaugurated, where the company continues to operate to this day.

It is currently one of the largest companies in the sector worldwide, selling a wide range of products in different parts of the world.

A true example of upcycling a by-product of human nutrition.

Discover Cortadoria Nacional do Pêlo, where tradition meets innovation in a setting of unique sustainability. Here, magic happens as we passionately dedicate ourselves to the harmony between nature and fashion.

Embark on a transformation where commitment to environmental and economic sustainability is at the heart of Cortadoria. We reinvent the traditional industrial process, seeking partnerships and innovative approaches. A notable example is the upcycling of rabbit skin, transforming a by-product of human food into high-quality fur for the fashion industry.

The company’s commitment goes beyond technological advancement; it values respect for people, animal welfare and minimizing environmental impact. Inspired by the Cradle to Cradle vision, the production process is conducted responsibly, focusing on sustainability principles. Constantly evaluated in product design and production process, looking for improvements in areas such as safe chemistry, circular economy, carbon footprint reduction, conscious use of water, social responsibility and adoption of good practices.

When you visit Cortadoria, immerse yourself in a universe where the quality of your products and the preservation of the environment are absolute priorities. Be part of this transformative, sustainable and innovative experience, where every step is guided by a commitment to a greener and more conscious future.

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