An industrial heart that breathes history, innovation and unique experiences!



Embark on an immersive experience in working factories that produce everyday items such as pencils, hats, shoes, textiles and labels!



Remember traditional processes and the hard life of workers in times gone by with a visit to the Hat and Shoe Museum, and learn about our heritage by visiting spaces belonging to the old Oliva factory, such as the Oliva Tower and the Oliva Art Center.



Visits to the municipality's living industry and industrial heritage were joined by institutions related to industrial sectors and creative and technological incubators, which complement the traditional and the current with new technologies and new industrial projects.

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Booking a visit to São João da Madeira Industrial Tourism is quick and easy.
Visits are exclusively scheduled and programmed by the Industrial Tourism Welcome Center. Make a single contact and the Reservations Center will take care of organizing your program of visits to the different partners of Industrial Tourism in São João da Madeira.
Discover São João da Madeira, where tradition and innovation meet.

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Opinions of our visitors

Wonderful experience!
Visits are unforgettable and extremely enriching experiences. The team is very dynamic and lively! I 100% recommend booking your visit!

Ana Sousa Portugal

Worth visiting, especially with children.
Great experience and very friendful staff. We have visited factory of pencils, it was really exciting for the children and for us as well. You do not have often possibility to visit real production facility and to see how everyday products are made.

Adam Legionowo, Polónia

I recently went to visit the company "Bulhosas", within the scope of Industrial Tourism, and I loved it. As for the company, the things that are done there are fantastic... and innovative. As for the organization of the visit, by Turismo Industrial de São João da Madeira, very good. I recommend it to all age groups. I will certainly return with students.

Ana Margarida Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal

Magnificent discovery from the past!
In 2013, we went on an extraordinary study visit with students who were enchanted by this trip to the past!
I'm back and I hope to come back again!

Sofia Ferreira Portugal

Senior group visits
Possibility to choose a package of very interesting guided tours of the local industry. We really enjoyed the Hat Museum, where you can see the entire evolutionary process of hat production, as well as sharing experiences with a former worker from one of the extinct hat factories.

Graça Rodrigues Coimbra, Portugal

Well worth a visit, especially with children
Part of the Industrial Tourism itinerary of this beautiful city of San Juan is a high-quality museum that shows us all about the know-how of building and

Kaparotajoki Marinha Grande, Portugal